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Beeswax Fire-starter Biscuits

Beeswax Fire-starter Biscuits

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Now you can enjoy lighting a campfire without needing to use paper.  Our beeswax fire-starter biscuits are the perfect answer to any camper's dream.  Our long burning fire starters are made with 100% cotton dipped in all natural beeswax, making them environmentally friendly, compact and super easy to use.  To use, rip the biscuit in half, bend and place under your kindling or wood, and light the exposed cotton fibers.  Burn time for 1/2 a biscuit is 5-6 minutes.

Each tin contains 6 hand dipped fire-starter biscuits that are waterproof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Each tin measures 3" across x 1.5" high.  Our metal tins can be recycled or used with our Fire-starter Refill Packs.

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