Tu-Bees Amazing Maple Honey Texas Butter

Here is a super duper easy breakfast idea for at home or during your summer camping trips!   We call it Tu-Bees Amazing Maple Honey Texas Butter. This recipe is so easy and you can make it with or without "real" bacon bits.  Our Maple Honey Texas Butter makes a great spread on bread, buns, bagels or toast.  It's breakfast without any cooking - what's not to love about that!

Here's the recipe - short and sweet!

With an electric mixer, whip 2/3 cups butter until it is light and fluffy.  Continue to whip butter while you slowly add 1/3 cup Tu-Bees Maple Gourmet Honey.  Your Amazing Maple Honey Texas Butter is now ready to spread on your bread of choice.  

If you love bacon, be sure to add some "real bacon bits" (available at your local grocery store) to the butter mixture.  Do not use 'simulated bacon bits or homemade bacon bits', as they will make the whipped butter too salty/oily.  Stir in as many bacon bits as your li'l old heart desires, then spread the honey butter mixture onto bread, buns or toast.

What a great way to nibble on something delicious in the morning without all the fuss!  

SIDE NOTE:  Be sure to try our different flavours of gourmet honey to make other amazing blends of Honey Butters.

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