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Meet The Team at Tu-Bees

Gaye Sheppard is the Mom Behind the Scenes at Tu-Bees as well as mother to the two young owners of Tu-Bees. Her love for her children and passion for their products, makes Gaye the perfect Marketing and Sales Rep for Tu-Bees Foods. You will find Gaye managing sales, marketing the product and maintaining the social media platforms. It's a role in the business that she truly loves. Nothing is more rewarding than helping your kids build a business by bringing a whole lot of sweetness into the lives of others.

Nicole (Nikki) Hein is the founder and Queen Bee at Tu-Bees. The idea of Tu-Bees came to Nikki when she was eleven years old. Her great idea became a reality when Tu-Bees Foods Inc. was established in 2007 and the first tubes made their way to the retail market. To think this company all started over the desire to buy a horse! 

Jessica (Jessie) Hein is the co-owner and Worker Bee at Tu-Bees. Being a worker bee around Tu-Bees Central is no easy task. Since the beginning, Jessie has been a crucial part of the packaging team and an excellent ambassador of the brand. You will find Jessie busy labelling product, packing orders or in the public eye doing demos.

Otis A. Redding (named after the late musician Otis Redding), is the Chief of Security for Tu-Bees Central (Sask Division). He joined the company's work force on July 28th, 2008 as an almost two month-old puppy and security trainee. Weighing in at only 20 lbs. this little Shnese (Schnauzer/Havanese) is very efficient with his job. he does hourly patrols of the business headquarters and is always on guard to protect the company's owners. We would definitely have to say that safety at Tu-Bees Central is in good paws!

Annie, is the Chief of Security of Tu-Bees Central (Alberta Division). Annie joined the company's work force in February 2015, as an almost two month old puppy and security trainee. Annie's responsibility is to maintain the security of the Queen Bee while she takes care of business in Alberta. When not on duty, Annie loves to spend her time outdoors - especially in the park with her favourite thing, her frisbee. With Annie on duty, we can definitely say that the Queen Bee's safety is in good paws!